A Korean creative with extensive experience in graphic design, currently working across Los Angeles and Korea. Specializing in UI/UX design, motion graphics, and broader graphic design, his expertise stems from a blend of formal education and self-directed studies. Influenced by the world of film and video games from an early age, he was particularly inspired upon seeing a Korean name among UI artists in credits, fueling his ambition to create art that transcends boundaries. This inspiration led him to further his education in America, significantly shaping his professional trajectory. Today, he leverages these experiences to create compelling design solutions that resonate with diverse audiences.

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Creative Intern - Stept Studios

Feb 2024 - May 2024 (4 Mos)

Create pitch decks and social media materials.
Assist in designing marketing strategies.


Visual Design Intern -  UNDP

Sept 2023 - Feb 2024 (6 Mos)
Produce visual content to support UNDP’s Digital Strategy.
Design graphics for brand perception on social media.


UI / UX Design Intern - Nuubi

Sept 2023 - Dec 2023  (4 Mos)
Assist in UI/UX design for an EdTech app.
Transforming wireframes into functional designs.


Graphic Design Intern - ALWRLD

Jul 2023 - Aug 2023 (1 Mos)
Designing promotional materials for marketing initiatives.
Creating graphics for digital marketing.


Graphic Design Intern - Boosted Biz

Jul 2022 - Aug 2022 (2 Mos)
Assisting sports players in establishing brand identities.
Creating brand logos for the brands.

Chelsea F.C. Fan Community Application
Branding, UI/UX Design, Concept
The Blue Connect application, inspired by my experience as a Chelsea F.C. fan, aims to deepen connections between fans and players through shared creativity. This platform allows fans to showcase their artwork related to the team and enables players to engage with these creations. The app's visual identity aligns with Chelsea F.C.'s brand, using Arial for body copy and Redzone for headlines. The color palette includes the team's blue and yellow-green hues, with red added to reflect the logo. Designed for inclusivity and ease of use, the interface is simple and features a 'Team News' banner to keep fans updated. Blue Connect emphasizes the importance of fan-made works in enhancing the bond between the team and its supporters, fostering a sense of community within the Chelsea F.C. fandom.

Stept Studios Event Invitation
Branding, Graphic Design, Editorial
Stept Studios regularly hosts a variety of events, including exclusive screenings of their latest documentaries and commercials, as well as other activities such as yoga sessions. When creating the invitations for these events, I was instructed by the social media director to design something simple and clean, without being cluttered. To achieve this, I minimized the use of images and focused on visual hierarchy in the design. By prioritizing essential information and using clear typographic contrasts, I ensured that the invitations were both aesthetically pleasing and easy to read. These invitations were used by Stept Studios on Eventbrite and distributed to the public.


World Children’s Day (United Nations Development Programme)
Social Media, Motion Graphics, Rotoscope
This video was created at the request of UNDP's social media team to commemorate World Children's Day. To capture the imaginative nature of children, I used the rotoscope technique to visualize the fantastical scenes they imagine in their everyday lives. For instance, I included images of spaceships and planets for a child in a spacesuit, bringing their vivid imaginations to life.

Logo Design, Brand Identities
During my time at Boosted Biz, I had the opportunity to work on branding for collegiate athletes in the United States who were eager to launch their own brands. I was responsible for designing their brand identities and creating logos tailored to their unique needs.

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International Day of Education (United Nations Development Programme)
Social Media, Motion Graphics, Text Animation
I created this motion graphic to commemorate the International Day of Education, and it was posted on UNDP's social media.

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