My Visions of a Fantastical Realm: Exploring Identity and Imagination (2020)

This creative endeavor delves into a personal exploration of a fantasy world, born from a deeply introspective journey. As a younger individual, I harbored discontentment with my own facial features, fostering a desire for potential changes with plastic surgery. During this time, I often found solace in envisioning an alternative version of myself, one that aligned with my ideals.

The resulting poster serves as a visual manifestation of this imaginative journey, bringing forth a whimsical representation of my envisioned "fantastic face". Playful illustration logos and elements imbue the artwork with a lighthearted quality, reflecting the joy and humor that fueled the creation process.

This project draws inspiration from the distinct artistic style of NVM Illustration, channeling their creativity and unique visual language. While paying homage to this influential artist, the work also becomes an authentic expression of my own artistic vision and introspective growth.

At its core, this poster delves into the realm of self-perception, identity, and the power of imagination. It seeks to celebrate the transformative potential of art as a means of self-expression and personal exploration. By sharing this work, I hope to inspire others to embrace their own creative visions and find empowerment through artistic expression.