COS Biking Project Campaign:
Inspiring an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

The COS Biking Project Campaign aims to address the pressing issue of global warming and encourage individuals to embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle. This artwork has been meticulously created to inspire and motivate people to reduce emissions and fossil fuel dependency by embracing the simple act of riding a bicycle.

The campaign logo, at the heart of this project, embodies the collaborative nature of the initiative. The leaf illustration takes center stage, symbolizing the carbon-reducing power of trees. Complementing this, the green wheels represent the integral role bicycles play in promoting a sustainable future. The campaign name, 'C,O,S,' is thoughtfully incorporated into the logo, capturing the essence of the initiative.

For the accompanying brochure, a deliberate choice was made to utilize two distinct fonts - Franklin Gothic and Bitstream. Sans serif fonts were employed for the body text, ensuring readability and clarity of information. The logo letters, however, feature the serif font Bitstream, adding a touch of distinction and differentiation from the rest of the text.

The color palette consists of white, green, and dark gray hues. Green was purposefully chosen to evoke a sense of eco-friendliness and align with the campaign's message. The dark gray background with white letters was meticulously selected to enhance the brochure's readability, ensuring information is easily comprehensible to the audience.

Through this carefully crafted artwork, the COS Biking Project Campaign aspires to inspire individuals to make environmentally conscious choices and contribute to a sustainable future. By highlighting the benefits of biking, it encourages people to embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle for a greener, healthier planet.