Celebrating Coca-Cola: A Magazine Tribute to an Iconic Brand (2020)

Inspired by a lifelong admiration for Coca-Cola, I embarked on creating a dedicated magazine aimed at engaging those with a similar interest in this iconic brand. This publication seeks to explore Coca-Cola's rich history, offering readers an in-depth look into its past.

In designing the magazine, I chose to prioritize visual storytelling. Believing in the power of images to drive a narrative, the magazine layout prominently features large, compelling visuals, with text serving as an enriching supplement to deepen the reader's understanding of the imagery.

To ensure the magazine is unmistakably connected to Coca-Cola, I exclusively employed the Gotham typeface, a font associated with the brand's advertising. This stylistic choice also ensured typographical consistency and clarity throughout the publication.

The color scheme was thoughtfully selected to mirror Coca-Cola's branding. Cream, a color prominent in the brand's 20th-century advertisements, was used for the background to provide a vintage feel and evoke a sense of nostalgia. Red, synonymous with Coca-Cola's branding, was also utilized, underscoring the magazine's association with the brand.

This project represents a fusion of my personal passion for Coca-Cola and my design sensibilities. Through the creation of this magazine, I aimed to celebrate the brand's rich history and influence, crafting a visual narrative that connects with fellow Coca-Cola enthusiasts.