Chelsea F.C. Zine (2021)

This magazine project was born out of my longstanding aspiration to create art that encapsulates the essence of the Chelsea Football Club. The objective was not just to portray the vibrant atmosphere of Chelsea F.C. matches but to also capture the passionate and unyielding spirit of being a dedicated fan of the club.

The color palette, anchored by blue and yellow, was drawn from the Chelsea F.C. 2020/2021 season uniform. These colors serve as a visual homage to the club, while also providing a vivid and dynamic design element that permeates the entirety of the magazine.

This magazine presents an evocative representation of the Chelsea F.C. fan experience, skillfully merging the worlds of design, football, and fandom. Through each page, readers are invited to experience the unbridled joy and fervor that characterize the life of a Chelsea F.C. supporter.