Vortex: A Design Manifesto Translated into Visual Media and Functional Art (2022)

In this creative project, I undertook the challenge of translating my design manifesto, titled "Vortex", into a compelling abstract video piece and corresponding blanket design. The manifesto addresses the concept of designers' roles in the continually evolving landscape of social issues, serving as the guiding philosophy behind the creation of both visual works.

The video component of the project, also named "Vortex", encapsulates the ethos of the manifesto through purely abstract imagery. This approach serves to depict the tumultuous and complex nature of social issues as a vortex. The abstraction was chosen as a way to invoke a sense of universal understanding, transcending literal interpretation and fostering a deeper emotional connection with the audience.

The blanket design is a tangible extension of the same concept. It incorporates scenes from the Vortex video, thereby embodying the manifesto's themes in a functional design object. The blanket serves as a symbol of the power of design to address and navigate the vortex of societal issues.

In summary, this project is an exploration of the designer's responsibility towards society, realized through the mediums of video and textile design. It advocates for the relentless pursuit of problem-solving as designers, despite the ever-present emergence of new challenges. By creating a better and more equitable society, the project seeks to inspire and motivate designers to identify their roles within this social vortex.

(Video work at below.)