Shelter Me: Infographics as Advocacy for Homelessness in LA (2020)

In the context of the class of Otis College 'Shelter Me', I undertook a project aimed at shedding light on the homeless population in Los Angeles, specifically focusing on racial demographics. The task involved crafting infographics to provide a visual representation of homelessness in the region, which were later integrated into the digital communication materials of the SELAH Neighborhood Homeless Coalition.

The first infographic is designed around footprints, each color-coded to signify a different racial group. This choice was inspired by the notion that homeless individuals might be those who walk the streets most frequently, hence the footprint symbol. This visualisation offers a compelling and accessible way of understanding the racial breakdown of homelessness in LA.

Subsequently, a second infographic was created to spotlight the youth homeless population in LA, again distinguished by race. Here, the design concept was inspired by the perspective of a person lying on the street, with the sky and buildings forming their view. This design approach offers a poignant reminder of the everyday realities of homeless youth.

These infographics were designed not just to convey data but to humanize the issue of homelessness and to evoke empathy in the viewer. The project underlines the power of design as a tool for advocacy and social communication, capable of bringing critical social issues to the forefront and influencing perceptions.