Chelsea F.C. Fan Community Application (2021)
Blue Connect: A Virtual Platform for Chelsea F.C. Enthusiasts

The concept for this Blue Connect application emerged from my personal experience as a Chelsea F.C. enthusiast, inspired by the idea of fostering deeper connections between fans and players through shared creativity. This innovative platform allows fans to showcase their artwork related to the team and provides players an avenue to appreciate and engage with these fan-made creations.

The visual identity of the app is rooted in the brand aesthetic of Chelsea F.C. For typographical coherence with the club's digital presence, Arial was selected for body copy, while Redzone was chosen for headlines and subheadings to inject dynamism.

The color palette is informed by Chelsea F.C.'s brand hues - blue and yellow-green, derived from the team's uniform. An additional color, red, was incorporated as a nod to the logo, creating a strong visual link to the team.

In an effort to ensure inclusivity for all Chelsea F.C. fans, irrespective of age, the user interface was designed with simplicity in mind. The app not only prioritizes ease of use but also contains critical features such as a 'Team News' banner and team information banner, ensuring fans stay updated on team-related news.

Blue Connect embodies the spirit of fan engagement, underlining the belief that fan-made works play a significant role in strengthening the connection between the team and its supporters. It showcases how design can bridge the gap between fans and players, fostering a shared sense of community within the Chelsea F.C. fandom.

(The video is at below.)